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"A Wife Is A Good Thing!"

God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone!"  In Proverbs, it is written, saying, "He that finds a wife, finds a good thing!"  But, what is a wife?  A wife is a woman that is seeking the qualities of a wife.  She is described thoroughly in Proverbs 31.  This is a virtuous woman.  This is a woman that is full of righteous virtues.  This is a woman who gives her attention to gaining those things which pertains to a wife; and, if a man shall find such a woman, he has found something good, but very rare.  The Lord said that a virtuous woman is as rare as a precious jewel.  But, just like the Lord said that there are those people who are calling themselves Christians; and are not: but, are found to be liars; there are also those who go about calling themselves wives, that are not wives!  Neither are they seeking that which pertains to a wife; and, neither are their desires towards those duties of a wife.  Who assigned these duties?  God has assigned the duties of everyone; and, if you wish to become what He will accept, you must be desiring, and seeking those things which He said will make you to be what you have said you want to be.  Since these are not seeking from the Lord those things which will make them to be true wives; these are also liars.  Look at the things, which are spoken of about the virtuous woman; and, see how you are comparing to this woman!  Those who truly desire to become what God approves of, will always be giving their attention to those things, which He points out to them.  I have seen how some females will not pay attention to this virtuous woman until something is spoken about her!  But, after a while they will drift back into their old ways of doing things!  Why is this?  The reason for this, is that the desire to be this kind of wife is not in the heart: but, the American style of wife is more desirable!  Among the things that God created, where is the thing that will prevent child baring?  Where is the thought that God gave about baring children!  You cannot be complete until you gain all that God said you should have in you.  Compare yourself with this virtuous woman, and see how you are comparing to her.  She is a woman that is not liked by many females, because she is a True Godly woman.  Whatsoever is of God will be despised by the majority.  See if you are desiring anything about the woman which God pointed out!  This is your pattern; and, this is what God wants to see you in.  How do you feel about those things which are spoken, about what she does?  This is the woman that the Lord will accept!  Do you take those differences between yourself and the virtuous woman seriously?  Or, do you believe God will accept you just the way you are.  Why would He give you the Word; and, show you the examples, if this is not what He will be looking for?  He will look at your heart; and, He will see your opinions about that which is righteous!  He will see if you are desiring the qualities of this righteous spirit of a woman, or if you are despising this woman.  This is righteousness which He has put on display for all females to see!  What do you think about such a woman?  If you admire her; you will start to be patterned after her!  But, if you do not; you are despising her; and, in so doing, you are despising righteousness.  How many of those qualities do you have in you?  You must gain all of those qualities; and, you must be found still seeking all of those qualities when the Lord comes.  These are righteous qualities; and, you must be seen calling these righteous qualities, good and upright, and most desirable!  Ask the Lord to establish that in your heart!  Ask that you be not found being grieved about any of those things that you are required to do: but, that you be found to be rejoicing always in these ways and duties!  Amen!

Rejoice with those who rejoice!  Amen!

9:55 PM